Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida
Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida
Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida
Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida
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Solid Image Kitchen and Baths in Central Florida

Zodiaq Quartz
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Your Vision

DuPont Zodiaq QuartzIt's what others enjoy and admire about you - your unique intuition fused with the intrepid practicality of enjoying your lifestyle to the fullest. You radiate an enlightened energy that defines who you are to the world. It's reflected in every facet of your life, every mood, every interaction.

Knowing what you want is clearly an asset. And you always know exactly what you want.

Character is something you can touch - and something that touches you - when a home resonates with the signature of its inhabitants.

STRENGTH of character is what you admire. When RADIANCE is your trademark.

"Light and shadows bring out the very life of any solid form. Together, they conspire to create mood, attitude, movement. And, together they inspire you to feel at home - and even sparkle - in your surroundings."
Ellen Cheever
Interior Designer

DuPont Zodiaq QuartzYour reflection runs deep. You see life the way you've made it - just as you pictured it. It's crystal clear - the facets, revelations, rewards.

Only your own DEPTH compares.

Sparkling And Distinctive, DuPont Zodiaq® quartz surfaces combine stunningly rich aesthetic with superior strength and durability. Throughout your home, Zodiaq® offers an innovative way to create environments with a bold, distinctive, sophisticated look and feel - an attitude that attracts attention and reflects the facets of your individuality.

DuPont Zodiaq Quartz
Strength, Depth, Clarity, and Radiance characterize Zodiaq® quartz surfaces. A breathtaking embodiment of enlightened luxury. Zodiaq® is dense, nonporous, and resists stains, scratches and heat. Best of all, it's easy to maintain and retains its glimmering appearance to provide you with peace of mind. Zodiaq® is backed by a transferable, 10-year limited warranty on product and installation.

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